Marine Plastic Innovations, Inc.

Swim Platforms

swim platform on side of boat
unattached swim platform swim platform attached to "Jackie C." boat
Swim platform attached to white boat unattached swim platform

Marine Plastic Innovations designs & manufactures our swim platforms using King StarBoard which offers these features over using fiberglass or wood:

it will not rot or delaminate like fiberglass and wood
it requires NO maintenance - just occasional cleaning
it will take the occasional dock bump far better than fiberglass and wood
it is constructed with solid material throughout, not a composite of wood & fiberglass
it does not require a mold for custom sizes
it can be CNC machined to any design drawing

Our swim platforms are less costly than all of our competitors! Our standard colors are White/White and Seafoam. (Other colors are available at a premium price.) If you like the look of teak but do not want the maintenance, we can fabricate a PlasTEAK swim platform which offers the above features in addition to having superior non-skid qualities!