Swim Platforms and Boat Windshields Add Enjoyment to Boating

Take the Plunge: Swim Platforms

When it's time for boaters to have fun on the water, a non-skid surface is needed on the watercraft for the best safety measures. This safe surface not only needs to be on the flooring, but it can also be a part of the swim platforms on board. Many boat owners consider adding this fixture onto their boats for the entertainment value that it will bring to their guests. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider installing a swimming platform on your boat:

  • gives an updated look to the boat
  • makes boating more enjoyable
  • makes the boat appear bigger
  • provides an area for sunning and tanning
  • adds safety so that no one hits the prop or outdrive if they fall off the back of the vessel
  • easy to install, like boat windshields or bow pulpits

Many fun memories can be enjoyed with the addition of this boating accessory. When you make the decision to install this fixture on your boat, give Marine Plastic Innovations a call. We will help to bring fun and safety to your boat.

Being Protected by Boat Windshields

Boat Windshields

A quality material like acrylic Plexiglas can be molded in a curved or flat manner. This product can create high clarity boat windshields that can protect the person at the helm from wind, water, and bugs. This product can be customized to have sectioned panels or even to have a walk through model constructed, if desired. This polymer is weather-resistant like the marine-grade plastic of which yacht flooring or swim platforms are constructed. Be protected at your center console with this aerodynamic and durable addition to your watercraft. Review our Website to see how we have custom-created boating fixtures, making many customers satisfied. Perhaps you can be our next happy customer.