Time to Update Your Boat: Installing a Boat Hatch or Bow Pulpits

Installing a Boat Hatch

Boat Hatch

Some boat passengers can get claustrophobic or just need a breath of fresh air when they are in the cabin area. Adding a boat hatch can supply the needed ventilation that the passengers desire. A gasket provides a watertight seal and UV resistant materials protect people from the sun's rays. It can be made of King Starboard material or other clear plastic that is resistant to salt water. The unit can be manipulated with handles and adjustable risers. The shock-resistant solidity of this accessory is similar to bow pulpits or any other fixture that is open to the outdoor elements. Once installed, this product should last a long time and supply enjoyment to all those on board.

King Starboard: Durable and Attractive

Not many people may be aware that a plastic fabrication company can make a marine-grade polymer that is resistant to salt water, pliable, and will not rot. Many more people may be surprised that this material is less expensive than many wood products. King Starboard is such a product. It can make shelves, cabinets, or even a boat hatch. With its textured construction, it can also make slipping less likely if the material is used for any type of walking surface. This long-lasting, attractive product is sure to please the consumer.

A Smart Addition: Bow Pulpits

Bow Pulpits

Not many boat captains want an anchor to be kept on the deck because it is both unsightly and potentially unsafe due to the fact that someone may trip over it. Bow pulpits keep anchors away from the deck and can be built to suit any watercraft. The mounting can be seamless because the manufacturer can often angle the skirt on the bottom of the pulpit to integrate nicely next to the vessel. Additional features of this product can include an anchor roller, a windlass, a light, or a mounted railing. A good marine vendor can build, finish, and ship these items in a timely manner. Try Marine Plastic Innovations as your trusted partner to design, construct, and deliver this fixture to you.