Plasteak and Plasdeck are Synthetic Teak Material for Marine Applications

Plasteak: A Pliable Plastic

There is a marine-grade polymer that is made with recycled materials and does not rot. This material is called Plasteak. It can be power-washed, and it is UV-stabilized. Products that can be made from this polymer include tables, benches, and swim platforms. It has a teak-like look to it without the cost of this wood.

A similar material is called Plasdeck. It is non-slip flooring that also looks like teak. A plastic fabrication company can construct these polymers to suit the specifications of customers.

Finding Plasdeck


Can you imagine a non-slip surface that is a synthetic teak, but without the rotting or the high price? This material is called Plasdeck. Many customers use this product for marine applications, like the flooring of a yacht. It is custom work that skilled technicians install based on exact measurements supplied by the buyers. These employees are usually also familiar with Plasteak, which is a similar plastic that looks like teak. Many distributors carry these brand names, but one should also look for experienced technicians. Marine Plastic Innovations is such a company. Review our Website to see the many products that we have constructed. Then, give us a call to go over the details of your project.

A Reliable Plastic Fabrication Company

Machining, molding, and polishing are all part of the precision work the skilled plastics technicians perform. They often work for a plastic fabrication company. An array of services and products are often available from these businesses, like bow pulpits or T-tops. Make sure to review the portfolio of the vendors that you consider when deciding upon custom work. Look at their past projects and ask about the experience and training of their employees. Then, armed with your exact specifications, approach the vendor of your choice to build the item that you need.