Setting Up a Fish Cleaning Station

A fisherman who wants to clean a fish properly may want a dedicated area with drawers, a sink, a drain, a knife holder, and a hose holder. This set-up can be obtained by constructing a custom fish cleaning station. This product can be built with durable and weatherproof material that is also easy to clean. The unit can be created to have dry and wet storage areas. The quality of polymer that is used in this product is the same type that is used in making outdoor cabinets. The specifications can be quite detailed when building the stations. For example, one can request an enclosed or open bottom or even a water bib to keep the fish juices from flowing over the edge of the cutting board. The fishing enthusiast who is ready to order this processing tool should think about every step in the cleaning process. Then, write down all of the details that you need. You will then be ready to find the plastics manufacturing vendor to fill your order.

The Durability of Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor Cabinets

Years ago, high-gloss white doors weren't an option for the finishing on exterior entertaining fixtures. Now, with such technology as King Starboard material, homeowners and boaters can have durable and beautiful outdoor cabinets. This polymer resists sun and water damage. It also avoids corrosion and is fade resistant. Entertaining outdoors can now be complete with all of the ingredients and spices housed outside that one may have in an inside kitchen. Even a fish cleaning station or a tackle station can be made out of this weatherproof material. Imagine having the complete, professional set-up of all of the exterior plastic fixtures that you would need. This can be a reality now. Give us a call to show you how this can be done.